Economy and Trade

Islonia’s economy is underpinned by its great harbour which makes the island a focus of regional trade, and its wealth of natural piscatorial resources. Over the years the national government has delivered a well managed and stable economy, however the small size of the country results in a balance of payments that leans heavily on imported goods.

The Fishing Fleet


Islonia is carrying out a major economic adjustment program to adapt to the loss of income due to overfishing from foreign fishing vessels in neighboring nations.



Quick Facts


The population of Islonia enjoys full employment in the Fishing, Tourism, and Toddler Group industries.


Islonia receives no aid but does give small aid to other countries bordered by her, i.e. Scotland


  • Fish 4 Tonnes

  • Oil Not an oil producer and has no wish to find any in case they should be invaded by the USA*

  • Animals No cows or sheep, Border Terrier

  • Minerals No mineral resources

*Islonia has recently extended its international waters to 12 NM (Nautical Metres)