Islonia’s indigenous population are glad to welcome tourists from all over the world to their little corner of paradise. Border controls are strictly but fairly enforced, passports may be required.

While staying in this beautiful nation, you may wish to take on of King Ian’s remarkable Shelfish Safaris on his traditional fishign boat, the Zephyr. Together you can sail the coastal waters and catch delicious shellfish for your tea, while being regaled by regal stories from this most hospitable monarch.

Accomodation is warm and welcoming in traditional island dwellings. Full details are available from the Islonia Tourist Board’s sister website.



MIld but wet. The Sgeir Ghlas is wet and windy while the main island windy and wet. Do bring suitable clothing.

Quick Facts

How to get there

Private helicopter, sea plane, jet pack or failing that automobile. Islonia is attached to mainland britain by the famous ‘bridge over the Atlantic’ or at low tide by the less famous ‘bank of mud’.

From the Air | Photo courtesy of US drone

When to go

Anytime is good, Islonia has its own microclimate, caused by Mount Olympus, Islonia’s towering peak. Although colder in winter, it is midge free, although clouds of them in the summer can provide some shade from the sun’s rays.


*Percentage Midge Density Index

Loved by Travelers Worldwide

“The experience was fun from start to finish. From finding the Island and crossing the causeway to gaining a special passport as an Islonian!”

Elizabeth from Inverness